Fine furniture hand made to last for generations.

Reproductions and custom designed funiture produced with the utmost attention to detail.

About us

Federal Style toolboxI am Brian Days, owner of Red Birch Designs.  It was always my dream of building handcrafted furniture full time.  After a nearly 20 year career in the pharmaceutical industry, I am currently pursuing my passion.   I was classically  trained at the Furniture Institute of  Massachusetts and studied under furniture master Philip Lowe.

My vision is to make fine furniture the way it was done hundreds of years ago…one piece at a time, by hand with the utmost attention to details.  My focus is blending traditional and contemporary furniture design/construction along with ornamentation such as dramatic inlay, carving and subtle design features that are hallmarks of great furniture.

Are you currently thinking about buying new furniture for your home?    I would work with you to design the furniture to your specifications.  With countless choices of wood and finishing details, each piece is a one of a kind creation.   This means you can add a one of a kind piece to you home for slightly more than a mass produced unit from a mass market retailer and yet end up with an heirloom piece that will last for lifetimes.

If you want to discuss the possibility of developing  furniture for your home, just complete the form below or email me at:

Red Birch Designs
27 Wabanaki Way
Andover, MA 01810
phone:  978-604-8065


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