Federal game table

The inspiration for this table was built in Baltimore Maryland around 1800.   I took the liberty of modifying the shape of the top as well as adding icicle inlays on the legs.   The table is largely made of solid Honduran mahogany as well as shop sawn veneers.   Most of the stringing and inlay on this piece was done using hand tools used “scratch” the veneer and holly was inlaid into the slot.   A custom banding of holly and ebony was created to make the cuffs on the legs and the bottom of the table apron.   The rectangles at the top of the legs are a beautiful piece of cherry burl that was found hiding in the shop.   When it was cut open, I knew it needed to be used in this piece.

The double gate legs in the back of the table allow the top to unfold onto a stable platform for whatever game someone wants to play on the table.   The piece was finished with a piece of Italian leather that is Oxblood in color.





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