Maple and Bubinga Collector’s Display Case





A client asked me to make a display case for collectables.  The client had few requirements (a top display area, a drawer for storage and approximately 30″long x 15″wide x 10″tall).   Aside from this I was allowed to be creative with design, details and wood choices.   This box is the result.

post IMG_7307

The main case is made of  beautiful tiger maple that was hand dovetailed on all four corners.   The top, bottom band and cock beading on the drawer are bubinga.  Some tiger maple butterflies were added to the top to provide strength and visual interest.  The drawer handles were hand shaped, also from bubinga.

The case was treated with Danish oil and finished by french polishing with shellac.  The interior is padded black velvet to display special items in luxury.

post IMG_7354

post IMG_7279