Mulliken Clock

Dwarf ClockThe original version of this wonderful clock was made by Samuel Mulliken around 1800.  It is a dwarf shelf clock version of a grandfather clock.  It currently resides in the American wing of the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA.

This is a reproduction of the Mulliken clock. It was constructed of Honduran Mahogany with the door being made of rare Cuban Mahogany.   The finish was red mahogany stain and garnet shellac.  Almost all of the wooden elements were hand crafted for this clock and many of the brasses were also.   Stay tuned for more details on this project.

The clock face was hand engraved by John Cameron and the movement was created by David Lindow.  Special thanks to both for creating such beautiful pieces.



To show the minute scale of the clock, I included a scary picture of yours truly towering over the piece.